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Nigel Farage, UKIP Victory and 4 Issues You Should Know About Voting

Recent Euro-triumphant Nigel Farage and UKIP have certainly been splashed all over the UK newspapers. With so many citizens leaving their traditional choices; labour, conservative and the lib-democrats in favour of UKIP, gaining 29% of voters (up eleven.86%) and now having 24 MEP's... does UKIP's success create actual risk for politics? Is this the beginning of getting a system that will be based mostly more on fairness, reality, honesty and integrity in the direction of we-the-individuals?

Many UKIP voters should have bought the premise for voting towards the ruling elite's managed 3 conventional parties from various media sources: Many viewpoints shared by Farage and UKIP have been ignored by another of the ruling elite's possessions, the mainstream media.

For the future of politics I felt compelled to jot down this article. A very powerful thing I can think of proper now could be that the voting system and the way in which it has been have to be understood. Once understood, we are able to see it for what it is and then move on right into a fairer system. This not only applies European wide but in other international locations such as the USA where the identical rules apply.

So, with a brief introduction, listed below are the 4 issues you need to learn about voting and at the finish I provide a solution that shall be a fairer system.

Since childhood I can keep in mind some people voting describing it as a method of exercising their democratic proper. As a part of my upbringing this political sentiment had been deeply instilled in me. These intending not voting were generally reminded that our forefathers had fought for this 'democratic proper' and to abstain could be nothing in need of apathy. Different comments that also proceed as we speak embrace "voting for a small minority candidate is a wasted vote...it would not have any outcome" Through the years I had greater than a gut feeling that something about all this did not stack up proper, which quickly led me to conclude that none of the above is true.

Listed below are the four issues you should undoubtedly learn about voting.

1. The democratic choice is an illusion If you want to manipulate and control individuals then a certain fireplace means of doing that is to current them with what seems like a alternative when there isn't a alternative in any respect. Mother and father sometimes do this to get their approach with children. For instance, the mum or dad says to the child "When do you want to have a shower, would you like it now or in a quarter of an hour?" This gives the kid the illusion that it isn't getting dictated to by the mum or dad because it thinks it has a alternative, but in fact there isn't any choice, whether the child says now or quarter-hour later either approach it must have a shower.

This is an analogy to what occurs in politics. Voting is an illusion of choice because all the foremost political events those that at all times win elections are all backed and financed by the hidden controllers, the world ruling elite company/bankers, so whoever wins will end up doing the deeds of these evil lords and masters. For this very motive main elections are often solely 2, 3 or four horse races as a result of it makes it easier for the ruling elite to govern the desired final result.

The saying "They're all the identical" is therefore basically true because over time, no matter which party is in workplace, care of the dictates of the ruling elite, all the major political selections have been the same. For instance, in Britain, all three main parties: New Labour, Conservative and the Liberal-Democrats have been pro-European Union and proceed to remain America's panting lap dogs, supporting unlawful and immoral acts such as the invasion of Iraq…

2. The leaders are just puppets

In gentle of the above it follows that the leaders of the elected events are not there to serve we-the-folks but to implement the enslavement agenda of the ruling elite. History has shown over and over again that many election campaigns and manifesto pledges with all their guarantees made by the events main politicians have turned out to be downright lies and had been nothing more than gimmic

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